The motion picture and television industry is in the process of social and cultural transformation driven in part by equity, diversity, and inclusion. The process is taking place in front and behind the camera. Below-the-line professionals are calling for sustained actions to address, and prevent intersectional forms of racism, discrimination, and exclusion. These calls to action require the industry to mobilize innovative and nuanced strategies to remove existing barriers and prevent acts of exclusion that continue to negatively impact industry professionals from underrepresented communities, including Indigenous, Black, South Asian, Asian, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+, and people with disabilities communities. 

For the reasons stated above, Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc., in partnership with Sojourner Innovation and Learning Lab, has designed a 90-minute session, Building an Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Practice: For Below-the-Line Film & TV Professionals.  

Attendees will move through vignettes based on real-life experiences of racism, discrimination and exclusion that occur in different below-the-line work environments. After the vignettes, attendees will be provided with some practical insights and strategies to develop their anti-racism and anti-oppression practices.

Expected Outcomes

Attendees will take away some key lessons:

  • Practical tips on different ways to intervene and/or disrupt acts of racism and exclusion.

  • Deepen understanding about intersectional anti-racism and anti-oppression, professionalism, and current industry expectations.

  • Insights about how to develop an ARAO practice.

  • Strengthen soft skills: interpersonal communication, critical thinking and decision making.

Session Curriculum

    1. Building an ARAO Practice Self-Reflection Assignment

About this course

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