Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc. (hereinafter TSC Inc.) 

Terms of Use Agreement:

Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc. courses/learning sessions and training materials may be in print, audio, digital image, cloud-based, online, video, or electronic form. Ownership of all copyright, patents, designs, and other intellectual property rights in or relating to TSC Inc.’s content and materials, including any documentation, data, technical information, and know-how provided to the participants/attendees/learner as part of course/learning session/learning program remains vested in TSC Inc. and any other entities owned by Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner-Campbell.

o Upon payment of all sums due, TSC Inc. grants you a license to use a single unmodified copy of the participant/attendee notes provided by TSC Inc. In certain circumstances, you may make a single unmodified copy of the learning materials for your personal use. This license does not permit you or your organization to share the content and materials with people who did not register and pay to attend or access the applicable course/learning session or learning program. The license is for internal use of content and materials by you only and does not include external distribution, sale, or modification of the content and materials.

o You shall not, nor permit, your organization to remove any proprietary notice, label, watermark, and logos appearing on the content and materials. This license is non-exclusive and non-transferable, and TSC Inc. reserves all other rights not expressly granted herein. All materials are subject to update by TSC Inc. from time to time at TSC Inc.’s sole discretion.

o You agree that you will not record the course/session on any device or transmit portions of the course/session in any way, including but not limited to any social media.

o You agree not to sell, repurpose, repackage, reproduce or use for commercial gain or in-house professional development. For greater certainty, this includes the storage of materials in a document management system or intranet that may be accessible to persons other than those who have participated in/attended the course/session.

o You agree always to cite TSC Inc. and Tomee Elizabeth Sojourner-Campbell when referring to the course/learning session knowledge, content, and any related materials.


The Participant/Attendee/Learner undertakes to and does hereby agree to indemnify the Instructor, Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc., and/or other legal entities owned by Tomee Sojourner-Campbell against any and all actions taken by the Participant/Attendee/Learner and/or the Participant/Attendee/Learner(s) organization (including Board of Directors, senior leadership, elected leaders, employees, management, supervisors, students, interns, volunteers, clients and co-workers) in relation to the educational service provided, and information shared by Tomee Sojourner-Campbell and/or Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc. representative before, during, and after the course/learning session is completed. 

The Participant/Attendee/Learner also undertakes to and does hereby agree to indemnify Tomee Sojourner Consulting Inc. and any of its employees against any and all actions, suits, claims, costs, demands, losses, damages, and expenses which may be brought against or suffered by them or which they may sustain, pay or incur by reason of the breach by the Participant/Attendee of any of the provisions of this Terms of Use Agreement.